Who are we?

TALENTED Technical, Creative, Service-minded Professionals MOTIVATED to help "Realize" YOUR success!

Name's n Trade LLC is led by Edward W. LeMahieu, General Manager and Founder. Ed has subtantial Executive leadership skill and experience, and Product & Project Technical & Management experience in the fields of Industry /Core Competencies of this Company.

Ed provides leadership in understanding your business well, pursuant to our Core Competencies, sometimes even better than our Clients! Innovative, growing company Clients realize the value of our expertise — highly specialized talent Consulting & Contracting to assist our Clients achieve their goals.

Business Development Executives, Managers, Marketers, Scientists, Designers, Artists!

We are highly experienced in our Industries of Focus and Core Competencies, and provide our valued Clients "Business & Creative EXCELLENCE...", for "Advancing Intellectual Property and Business!".

Together we ID possible roadblocks to Product line growth, new Revenue streams, Product and/or Business innovation, functioning Technology, etc. We can HELP: a) RESOLVE your most DIFFICULT business or technical problems, b) FORGE key "Next Steps" for your business success, and/or c) INNOVATE Intellectual Property!

Our Slogan (numerically sequenced, at right) sums up our philosophy and approach - we are designed to develop with our VALUED Clients, a mutually beneficial and financially successful long-term business relationship!

To your Request, we either Consult or Contract as defined by our aforementioned Business Models, applying the necessary mix of Talent with proven records of success to your interest.

Engage today & Embark on the road to growth & success ™!
We offer a lean/efficient approach for our Clients, a "Center-of-Excellence" and/or "Think-Tank" for Start-Up or small, growing Companies - and are interested in developing the most successful Companies, Products, Technologies possible for Tomorrow!

We're focused in the "high-tech corridors" in the US, EU, CAN.

see Contact Us for Regions of Focus

We offer INDIVIDUAL Professionals or a TEAM - Business & Product & Quality & Regulatory Managers, Scientists, Engineers, Writers, Designers, Artists, Vidoegraphapers, Photographers who work to provide a perfect blend of technical knowledge and scientific understanding - as well as Marketers and Sales Support Professionals.

We are rigorous, creative, and artistic in our pursuits, as required in each Engagement. We integrate seamlessly to your request, for each project, then execute with great skill, urgency and for accomplishment, with you, for you, to your REQs, to help you start or grow your business successfully.

We are not attorneys, though we can engage some of the best in the business who we have experience in working with - at our Client's request. We do not litigate, where an attorney is required by law (or is highly advised), and we can be brought in as Expert Witness as required and appropriate to our Core Competencies. We DO "prosecute", in the USPTO sense - and have been successful at such AT A FRACTION OF THE COST of an Attorney/Law Firm where there is no legal requirement for state licensing. We offer a HIGH value proposition to our Clients, for the "front-end" work, including "enhanced paralegal" activity for civil (even criminal) case. Engage NnT LLC, and EXPERIENCE the difference in Quality of Service, Reduced Expense, and INCREASED VALUE of your Business!

A few of our clients


Why choose us?

We OFFER what you NEED!

We are Honest and Direct. We say what we'll do - then do what we say.

+ Service
We are "Service-minded". We listen, then accomplish with & for you.

+ Vision
We quickly develop an insightful, detailed "Vision" to your Goals.

+ Expertise
Then, we apply substantial Expertise & Capability to execute our Plan.

+ Innovation
As required per endeavor, we apply raw vision and "out-of-the-box" thinking.

= Leadership!
Sum total, our approach above is our "Leadership", with resources efficiently applied.

...with Value
Via competitive rates, we offer a substantial value proposition!

Our history

Deliberately GROWING for high-value assistance to our Clients ... their Businesses ... Products ... and Intellectual Property!
  • '85-'08 Experiencing
    Pre-formation, performed in excellent mix of Fortune 100/Startup Co's. Business/ Market/ Concept Development, Next-Gen/Line Extension Products, Analysis, R&D Engineering, Patent/Trademark/Copyrights.

  • 2009 Formation
    Formed by a leading Medical Device development Professional, we decided to do the same for our Clients! We continue to grow in our accomplishments and team for Service to select, like-minded Clients.

  • 2009- Corp ID Pckg
    A first victory developed broad Services, several Goods and Corporate ID (Trademark, mission statement, slogan, website, brochures, business cards) in the highly competitive, heavily regulated MedDev Services industry.

  • 2009- NP Corp ID Pckg
    A second victory developed broad Service offering and Corp. ID (Trademark, mission statement, slogan, website, brochures, business cards) in a highly competitive, heavily regulated Charity industy.

  • 2010 Realigned Corp ID
    Developed new (of 4) business unit in Contract Manufacturing. New Company name, website, color scheme, trademark development, slogan, pledge, corporate brochure, executive's business cards.

  • 2011 New Product Lines
    For a Medical and Cosmetic Device Co, reformulated product lines, model naming, color scheme, Instructions for Use, align to Technical file and EU Directives and CE mark requirements.