25+ years Intellectual Property, Business and Market/Brand Development!

Winning Solutions. Unmatched Service. High Value business success!

Flexible Engagement Models: Consulting or Contracting [Pro-rata Revenue-share a/o Equity offered select Clients)]

Hand-crafted Service Solutions

Integrity + Service + Vision + Expertise + Innovation = Leadership ™


We can be Retained (our Consulting Model) to share valuable INFORMATION, APPROACHES and EXPERIENCES using our CORE COMPETENCIES - i.e. where we have Expert, Advanced or Competent Capability. Such INCLUDE (but are not limited to): Corporate Identity, Branding, Strategic Business & Product Development Planning, Intellectual Property Development, etc. - to guide/advise for your immediate decision-making.

Analysis & Review

We can also be Retained to further ANALYZE and/or REVIEW YOUR Business Information as for Information-sharing Consulting. We provide objective, thorough opinion re: YOUR Approaches, Plans, Documents, Sites, Strategy, Data, Specifications, etc. For more in-depth Engagement(s) with DELIVERABLES, please see "Development" at right.


We can also be Engaged in our Core Competencies (our Contracting Model) to PERFORM ANALYSIS and other TECHNICAL and MANAGEMENT Activities for DELIVERABLBES to your Requirements. Such is initiated by your RFQ/RFP, for defined Scope of Work (SOW) and pass/ fail/ acceptance criteria, Schedule and Budget. Sundry actitivities and DELIVERABLES in Physiology, Physics, Engineering (EE, SWE, ME, IDE), Mathematics, Documentation, Models/Prototypes, and may involve our Partners as agreed.

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Helping to Create profitable, high-impact businesses

Our Industries of Focus

Medical & Pharma Co's.
We excel in REGULATED industries, for start-up and small Co. poised for growth who emphasize Performance, Safety, Quality and Reliability and high potential market value. We assist you in DIFFICULT tasks - e.g. Strategic Business Planning, Fundraising, IP & Business Development. Your success & growth, and ours!

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Cosmetic Co's.
Lesser regulated, but with higher emphasis on "look" and "feel", and also great potential for high market value, we believe our expertise will help you significantly in business decision-making, to create/ reform your Business, Plan, Identity, Ownership, Market, IP, etc., for success and growth.

Not-for-Profit Co's.
No profit motive requires special insight - into charity, beneficiaries, donors/sponsors, public welfare, the disadvantaged. We believe our unique expertise will help you significantly in decision-making, to create/ reform your Organization, Plans, Identity, Membership, Programs, etc., for success and growth.


Our Pathway to success!

Our Unique Approach

New ways of business growth.

As a unique competitive capability, we may offer select Clients who we strongly identify with, understand their business and who have at least one demonstrated successful engagement with us, Pro Rata deferred compensation via a creative Revenue-sharing and/or Equity arrangement(s).

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