Our Services!

Offered EXCEPTIONALLY, despite the difficulties of Regulated, "People-Care" Industries - MEDEV, OTC Pharma, Not-for-Profit, Homecare!

Focused on our Clients' challenges -committed to Accomplishment and success!

In all our Service areas, we assist small and mid-size companies in a variety of services (at right and below). Small companies need a start, for momentum and growth. Mid-size companies often need to freshen their approach, look, re-align/ re-engineer to grow.

Our experience is substantial in all our core Service areas - of US (FDA) and State (e.g. CA) Regulations, in the EU (e.g. w/ Notified Bodies and Competent Authorities and to the Directives, etc.) We have participated with and helped a number of companies establish or improve their Brand, Corporate or Product Identity, critical aspects of the design and development of their Services & Products.

Prompt Execution
to individualized customer plans

As your requirements call for, we apply the necessary mix of talent - highly creative engineering and management professionals with proven records of success. We focus on the high-tech corridors within the US, and offer a lean/efficient approach to "center-of-excellence", "think-tank", etc. We assist our Clients in development, investment etc. for the most exciting products of tomorrow!

We are not attorneys, though as our Client's request for their difficult projects, we refer our partner firms. So we do not litigate, where an attorney is required by law (or highly advised). We DO "prosecute" in the USPTO sense - and have been successful - without use of an Attorney, where there is no legal requirement for state licensing - and our Client determines such is not necessary for success. Thus, we provide a HIGH value proposition to our Clients, by doing the "front-end" work much more cost-effectively than through a law firm - in our view, similar as a "paralegal" would in preparation for a civil/criminal case. Engage us and experience the difference (in your Expenses), and our Accomplishment for you!

Service Segments

Complete Business Solutions at your fingertips!

  • Strategic planning. Business Plans. Corporate/ Product Identity/ Positioning/ Branding. Pro Forma. Secretary of State Filings. Tax Planning & Filings. Logos. Slogans. Brochures. Business Cards.

  • Patent & Trademark Searches, Claims Analysis & Construction. Authorship. Filings. We offer all at a fraction of attorney's fees - w/ 3rd party Attorney partners where needed for prosecution and litigation.

  • Web design & development, to your Corp. Identity & Marketing approach. Domain registrations. Master/Maintenance. Ecommerce. Facebook/ Twitter. Press Releases.

  • Leveraging our marketing, product, and engineering/technical writing competencies, we develop all manner of Instructions for Use, Product Promotional Literature, Training guides, with Video, etc.

  • ...coming soon, as we grow. We will add value, to your profit, and our mutual success!